Sunday, January 13, 2013

On the Subject of Babies

It's baby season. Everyone goes through that early 20's season in their life when it seems like  everyone is getting married and having babies. I'm in the middle of that. A good friend in New Jersey  was having a baby and we really enjoyed discussing all the geeky nursery decor options (wookie the chew).

Then I came to England. It's been four months and already there have been two births, one adoption and one pregnancy among my friends here, not to mention all the babies of old facebook acquaintances. Most importantly, my sister and lifelong best friend is having her first baby! It will be the first grandchild in the family and every last family member is excited. I have made baby dresses, bought bedtime stories, knit teddy bears and prayed for all the new moms. It's an exciting time, really unlike any other life stage. Because I'm not in the middle of it myself, I've had time to dwell on it a bit. I mean think about it, a soul that was not in existence a few months ago is now in existence and will never ever ever go out of existence no matter what happens. It blows my mind. New life is precious. Lets just smile and think if tiny baby fingers and sweet little smiles. In fact, you can stop reading here because my thoughts are about to get a little darker.

Still reading? I warned you. 

Not everyone thinks this new life is precious. If fact, we seem to be a bit confused. If mom wants the child, then it is the most precious thing on earth. It is a hideous thing to harm a pregnant woman. If mom does not want the child, it suddenly becomes valueless, of no more importance than excess body tissue that is disrupting your life and needs to be removed, like a ruptured appendix. I cannot fathom the difference between this carelessness and all the months my friends spent dreaming of their child, picking out names, and planning celebrations with family. Now if there is an issue of rape, abuse or medical danger involved with the pregnancy, then there are valid and difficult discussions to be had. But these difficult cases make up only 3% of all abortions. That means 97% of abortions are based on lesser reasons, mostly convenience. 

I do not want to accuse and shame women. Widespread abortion, I think, is a demonstration or a symptom of a crime against women. The feminist movement has convinced women that they will be happiest if they
live for themselves. Ask any mental health professional, the quickest path to despair is self-centeredness. 
Click this here for just one recent example of this. 

I believe all women are meant to be mothers. I do NOT mean that you are not a woman if you are not married and birthing babies and raising children. While this ideal of family life is a beautiful and wonderful thing, not all women are called to that life and if they are, that stage does not last all the years of their life.  Rather, what I mean by that statement is that women are meant to care for others, to live life with others, to sacrifice time and energy and use their skills to contribute to the lives of others in a deeply personal way. We as women have been taught all our lives that we are to go to school, succeed, chase a career and pamper ourselves all for the sake of...ourselves. Women aborting babies is a symptom of the mind set that our lives are all about us and we have full right to sacrifice others for our own comfort. Without going into any biblical constructs, it's clear that this life of selfishness does not work. (At the same time, I happen to believe that there is no lifestyle that will fulfill you and give you peace and happiness, only higher purpose in Jesus can do that).

I've always been pro-life, I've just never been this outraged and confused on all the widespread blindness to the issue. If a baby is unwanted, there are many who are willing and waiting to welcome the child. Why deny this tiny human the most basic right of life?

This is not a women's rights issue. This is a question of whether or not an unborn child is indeed a human being with value and dignity. Once you answer that question, the issue becomes vastly less complicated. 

The only other parallel of such widespread moral blindness that i can think of is slavery in pre-civil war America. We look back and are shocked at the injustice that occurred all those years ago. We tell ourselves that we would be different, that we would uphold the just cause. At the time, it was treated as an economic rights issue, a property issue, a big government issue. It's not. It's a question of whether slaves are human beings worthy of dignity and honor. Its the same with unborn children. Once we see it for what it is, the issue becomes clear.


“The process of the production of a child begins at conception. We understand in modern science that the entire genetic code (DNA) that generates the individual particular characteristics (size, shape, color, etc.) of a person’s entire genetic code is established at conception. Not six weeks after, or three months or anything else for that matter but at the moment of conception the entire genetic code was there. Note also that within 18 to 25 days after conception, there is a discernable heartbeat. Within 8 weeks, which is still early in the first trimester, brain waves and fingerprints are present in this fetus. Between 12-13 weeks this fetus sucks its thumb and recoils from pain.” R.C. Sproul

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  1. Thanks for the warning.....
    Well, alot of single women that we know on FB post articles and pictures that support abortion. I'll be honest, I didnt understand the hideousness of the reality of abortion until I saw my baby on an ultrasound and felt her move. It's something that cannot be explained or understood. If you still want to abort a baby that you have seen and felt - its a totally different state of mind. Planned or not, you made life. And it's not about you anymore. Thats why its not a womens rights issue. Because when you grow life inside you - you dont matter. Your body is starved for reserves and space - for the BABY! Time to deflect the attention and selfishness. :)
    Man, Lauren, you are such a good mother figure to whomever you nurture. Please be honest with me when I'm a mom - tell me your opinions about my approach to parenting when I get there.