Thursday, July 4, 2013

Stop Taking Selfies!

Dear women of my generation, stop posting selfies! Social media is a small window into who you are and what you value, and apparently what you value are attractive pictures of yourself. I know you have original thoughts, if not, get some and post those. I know you long for adventure, have some and post pictures of that. The world is so much bigger than you. When you consistently post selfies, you are conveying that you do not see the wider world or the wonders it contains, only your physical self and how proportionate it might be to the current standard of beauty. Social media is designed for viewing and interaction. Is this all you want to world to know about you and comment on? Is your appearance the only thing you have to offer? Is it the only means you have to express yourself? I refuse to believe it, otherwise I would consider you an extremely dull person. Send another message besides "Aren't I pretty?"

I'm not against posting pictures of yourself for any reason. I do believe you can have a legitimate reason for posting a picture of yourself.

For example, reasons to post a selfie are:
1. you are in a really cool location
(Not the best reason. Why not just take a picture of the location? You would have to firmly believe your figure in the frame improves the scenery)
2. you have dramatically altered your appearance for a good reason
(Give the reason)
3. You are being artistic or funny
(Be sure you really are. Even then in moderation.)

Reasons NOT to post a selfie:
1. You're bored.
If you're bored, look around you. Chances are, there are more interesting things than your own face somewhere nearby.
2. You like your outfit.
Unless its something 17th century and French, it's probably not that interesting.
3. You got a haircut.
Chances are you look exactly the same. Unless you removed over 50% of your hair, we probably don't care.
4. You're feeling happy/ you think it's a good day
If you're truly happy, express it. Tell us why. Find a metaphor. If you insist on expressing it through a picture, take one of the reason you are happy, or of something creative or beautiful.
5. You are showing too much skin.
Stop. Just stop. When you show that much skin, you are presenting yourself as a mindless tool to be used for a single purpose, then thrown away like a used tissue. You're dragging womankind down by training men to see us that way. Put some clothes on.


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