Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Not So Little Mermaid by Lauren

My dearest Livonia,

I do not hear often from home. My old friends are distant and the birds and fishes who used to share my adventures have moved on. Only Flounder is left, and even he is growing apart from me. Never the less, news has been brought to me of your behavior at court recently. You have been neglecting royal concerts, talking back to our father and behaving oddly. In short, you are behaving as I did. I may be away from home but I am still a princess, albeit a human one.

You are coming close to your 16th year, the year that I left. I can see the path you are on and I want you to be aware of the choices you are making. I wish someone had told me how things would turn out beforehand. If our dear mother had not died so young, I might have had guidance. I might not have gone to that horrid sea witch and swallowed all the vile advice she gave me. You know full well how all that unfolded. I'm sure my scandal is still being talked about, if only as a word of warning to young daughters. I want you to know, from me directly, what came of things.

It is difficult. I feel alone. I never see my old friends anymore. The People, the ones I always longed to know, are strange and foreign to me. My ignorance of their ways was cute at first, but I am getting more and more dirty looks for not knowing the proper etiquette. I thought I knew so much about this world, but it was mostly lies from that blasted bird. It wouldn't be so bad, if I could hide myself as a strange hermit until I learned more but I married the prince, and now I have courtly duties. I stand and greet foreign dignitaries with a plastered on smile, with the weird bow people with legs do. They changed my name to something more pronounceable in their tongue and made up a story about my past. Apparently being from the sea is not respectable enough for this dingy little kingdom. Sometimes I want to shout, "I am Ariel, daughter of Triton, ruler of the sea!" But I smile demurely and go along with whatever nonsense they are discussing.

Also, Gravity is really tiresome when you feel it ALL the time.  These stupid legs get tired. Not like swimming from the eastern trench to fathers grotto kind of tired, but standing absolutely still for too long gets tiring! And these gowns! They are indeed pretty, but heavy and stifling. I long for my seashells but they have taken them and hidden them somewhere. If I find out they have been destroyed, I will seriously hurt someone.

It took me a little while to discover that I had lost the ability to breathe in both worlds. I went swimming and realized that I had to hold my breath. I longed to stay under and seek out old friends for just a few minutes, but I could not even speak under the water! It was like the witch had taken my voice all over again. I sat on the shore and wept.

I do love my husband, or so I tell myself. I had only met him once, when he was not even conscious, before I went to the sea witch and tried to make him love me with nothing to offer but my body. How foolish I was! It makes me cringe to think of it. Still, we did marry so very quickly and we are finding it difficult to get to know each other. He is so busy, he'll be king soon, and when we talk its hard to understand each other. Our lives before we met were so different. We spend the whole time trying to explain what something is, we can never get to the point of the story we are trying to tell. It gets a bit frustrating. Most times we give up and talk about court duties. It's then that I feel very alone.

I tell you all these things so that you may grow wise. Leaving everything for "love" is a high sounding idea but an empty one. Enjoy where you are, be grateful. Respect your father and do not think that you know better than your elders. You are a beautiful princess; you do not need to offer your body to gain love. You have so much more to offer.

I send you all my love. I hope this reaches you soon. Give my love to our sisters, if they will hear it.


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