Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Reflections – London

I'm waiting at a bus stop in London as I write this. It's starting to dawn on me that the Lord has been playing chess with me. What I mean is that I am a pawn in His hand. He has sovereignly opened certain doors for me that have led me to believe that I am called to serve the British people in some capacity. I'm still not sure to what extent but I do believe the Lord is calling me to help bring the gospel to this country in some way.

I've come to this conclusion because of the fact that I've always had an appreciation of the British heritage that America has received from England, the fact that I lived and studied there for a year, and the fact that my own wife is British at heart. For proof of my last point see her thoughts here and here and here.

But at the end of the day I believe God's Spirit is stirring inside of me to devote time to this place. I'm still not sure how all the details will come about but I know that I'm suppose to be a small part of the resurgence here. This whole week I've been reminded of the truth that less than 2% of the people here are evangelical Christians! Our friend Rob Peabody was telling us how the huge baptist church right in front of his house has about six people in it every Sunday and that they just meet in the church hall. The doors of the building have been locked because they haven't used the sanctuary for over a decade or so.

What has been encouraging is the church that Rob has been attending. The vicar (pastor) is a man by the name of Paul and he is doing some really great work at this Church of England church. He has built a huge facility and grown the congregation to 600 people (in the UK that is a megachurch!) and they are doing really great things in the community.

I want to see the gospel flourish all over the UK. Please pray for our Christian brothers and sisters there. America owes a big debt to our English forefathers. Would you pray with us about how you can be a part of changing the spiritual landscape in the UK?

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